"This is a place where we all get along"

I would honestly like to cry when people say this because it’s an unrealistic expectation of not only this website, but of humanity.

And yes, yes I wish it were true, I would love nothing more than for this to be a place where we could all get along even in spite of our different opinions. But this isn’t even true for the most part, and the problem with saying this is that not everyone on here even agrees with it, let alone stands by and contributes to it. 

Different types of blogs fight and clash, different types of fandoms clash, opinions within fandoms clash. Even if we all made the best effort that we could to get along and share our different views nicely, unfriendly arguments are bound to break out because sometimes it’s going to effect other people. It’s also hard to not get offended and defensive when someone has an opinion you strongly don’t agree with

And idk man, there are also just too many rude people on this website unwilling to cooperate with the whole “get along” and “be nice to others” and it’s really upsetting because I’d love for this website to be a “role model” to other websites when it comes to being fair and getting along and being ourselves, 

but sometimes I think we’re worse than other websites

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